Turners of Marlow

Turners of Marlow
7 Station Road, Marlow, Bucks

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snowy Merry Christmas wishes

Well, what a week its been. The Marlow snow-scape is stunning and its great to feel festive. The cold weather has been great for Turners with customers needing hats, gloves, fleeces, jackets and snow-proof boots. We also had a flurry of internet sales leading up to Christmas and are very excited about building up the internet business next year. Travel has been challenging to say the least, but the great British resolve shone through. The best story we heard was of the shoppers stranded overnight at John Lewis in High Wycombe. They were looked after in the bed department. What great PR! & why didn't that great story make the main news.

We are so looking forward to relaxing into Christmas Eve and to see Imogen opening her presents. Imi has made a chocolate lolly pop for Santa and wants to give Rudolph a whole bunch of carrots and Santa a big glass of wine. It would be great if Rudolph left hoof prints in the snow this year.

David Lynda and Imogen would like to wish you a Snowy Merry Christmas and heartfelt wishes for a new year of Peace and understanding for our global world.

Friday, 11 December 2009

It’s A Baby

The Holy Trinity performance of It’s A Baby yesterday evening to parents and grandparents was wonderful. Every key stage 1 child (age 5-7) was involved and Imi was one of several narrators. Imi said her lines very clearly, even though she was sniffly with cold and croaky with cough. At the closing song, Imi’s forcefully quick shaking of her maraca with a very serious little face seemed to say “hurry up and finish, I've had enough”. The little tiff on stage between two angels was priceless!

Glasses of Mulled Wine & Late Night Shopping

We had dry weather this year for Marlow’s late night shopping event and there was even a bit of a buzz in the air. It’s a good opportunity for us to show our appreciation to our regular customers and to meet some new ones along the way. Barbara Turner’s homemade mulled wine was even more delicious this year and the aroma filled the shop with Christmas spirit (no pun intended).