Turners of Marlow

Turners of Marlow
7 Station Road, Marlow, Bucks

Monday, 14 September 2009


Planned to go running this morning or ride my bike - did neither. Planned not to have any wine before Friday - given in by 6 o'clock Monday. I must get fit, I must get fit, I must get fit......

Still not much competition from Lynda, she dressed in her running gear to jog to the Postbox the long way round - about 100 yards. David

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Back to Work

After a lovely holiday in France, Imogen starts back at school tomorrow and I MUST concentrate on our Website!

We stayed in Mirepoix near Toulousse with the lovely Purcell family for our first week, then camped with our friends the Reed family in Fouesnant Brittany the second week. Tres Bon